Psychosomatic Primary Care

In Germany, a course in psychosomatic primary care is a prerequisite for registration for the specialist medical examination in general medicine and gynaecology, as well as for additional designation in specialised pain therapy.

When working in a statutory health insurance practice, it is necessary for participation in general practitioner contracts, for billing authorisation under Clauses 35100 and 35110 of EBM (Uniform Assessment Standard), and for billing for acupuncture; and, in the case of gynaecological clinics, for approval as a breast centre.

It is currently being considered whether the course should also be made compulsory for other disciplines.

The course runs for a total of 80 hours: 20 hours of theory, 30 hours of exercises in intervention techniques, and 30 hours of Balint group work, in which particular cases can be discussed. The Balint group has to run over a total period of at least six months, and normally a part of this can be completed during the one-week psychosomatic course. When recognising the Balint groups, there are differences between individual medical chambers and doctors’ associations.

Over a one-week intensive course we offer 20 hours of theory, 30 hours of intervention techniques and 14 hours of Balint group work. The remaining Balint groups can also be completed through our institute in a variety of towns in Germany, and partly in other countries as well.

In principle, all our seminars are recognised by the competent medical associations. Since there is a federalist system in Germany, courses in psychosomatic primary care are recognised by the Landesärztekammer Hessen (Hesse State Medical Association) as the course leader is a member here. This recognition is accepted by all other German medical associations, provided there are no special local provisions relating to the Balint group.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us; we will be happy to help. German bureaucracy is sometimes difficult to understand.


Alle Seminare zur Psychosomatischen Grundversorgung finden statt – bis zur Pandemie-Entwarnung online als interaktive Videokonferenzen.

Die Seminare sind von der Landesärztekammer Hessen anerkannt.

Alle Anmeldungen können auch auf die Videokonferenz-Kurse umgebucht werden. Auch neue Buchungen sind möglich. Das ist auch eine Möglichkeit für Kolleginnen und Kollegen, die sich jetzt in Quarantäne befinden, diese Zeit sinnvoll zu nutzen.
Natürlich haben Seminare unter freiem Himmel auf Mallorca oder Kreta ihren besonderen Charme. Deshalb dürfen alle, die an den Videokonferenz-Seminaren teilgenommen haben innerhalb eines Jahres das Seminar gratis* im Rahmen eines unserer Präsenzseminare in Deutschland, Spanien, Griechenland und der Türkei wiederholen.

*nur die Tagungspauschale wird fällig.

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